Our Story

CEO and founder, Jennifer Adeli, is passionate about helping small and mid-sized government contractors win more and grow their businesses.

WinBiz Proposals, LLC opened in 2012 after CEO and Founder, Jennifer Adeli, noticed a maddening trend. She saw small businesses struggling to respond to RFPs because their business development and proposal teams were stretched thin, overworked, and burnt out. And all the resources available to them were geared towards big businesses with deep pockets. So, she took the business development and consulting experience she gained from working for industry giants and made it her mission to exclusively help small and mid-tier government contractors.

At WinBiz Proposals, we never want you to turn down an opportunity because you don’t have the resources, time, or energy to develop a winning response.

We’ll supplement your in-house resources and provide large-business expertise across all aspects of responding to RFPs—proposal management, graphic design, technical writing, desktop publishing, orals coaching, and capture management. We tailor our entire approach, tools, and talent to best support small(er) business environments; leaving you with time to focus on strategy, execution, and growing your business.

We intentionally crafted a team of multi-dimensional and highly-effective experts with diverse backgrounds, interests, and experience from all over industry and across all sectors. Their energy—combined with Jennifer’s strategic consulting, oversight, and training—targets your just-in-time needs and augments the entire lifecycle of your proposal efforts to produce a winning response.

As a women-owned small business, our passion is allowing other small businesses to focus on their passion while WinBiz Proposals takes care of their proposal development needs. We want to see more small businesses pursue their visions and create thriving enterprises by working on, not in, their businesses.

We’re here for you—in whatever format, complexity, or role—that best fits your business.