The REAL Numbers (& Why the Burnt-Out, Sleep-Deprived #GovCon Proposal Manager Industry Norm Needs to Change)

rates and times for RFP proposal professionals

Often, companies find that the hours needed to produce a compliant and compelling response exceed the number available in-house. But, they push forward anyway. Which is why burnout and turnover in GovCon proposal development are very real issues.

WinBiz is passionate about helping our clients to grow and capture more revenue—and that requires knowing and being honest about the numbers. We’ve seen companies who say they are tracking external and internal costs,


What’s Really Driving Your Proposal Budget?

In general (and based on 20+ years in the industry as BD directors and consultants), the expected cost for any proposal development effort is between 1-3% of the contract value. The two biggest factors driving this cost—every single time—are the size of your proposal and how much relevant content you have available.

These two variables form the foundation for determining cost and allow you to set a realistic time commitment upfront for each proposal to avoid finding yourself in a time crunch.


The Worst Question to Ask When Working with a Consultant…and what you really should be thinking about

win more rfps with winning content

As leaders, we have a tendency to focus on the bottom line, moving the needle, and getting results. So, naturally, our first question when hiring a consultant tends to be, “What will it cost for you to run this proposal for me.”

But it’s not just a bad question, it’s the single worst question you can ask. Because the answer is always, always, always going to be “it depends.”

Just like when you’re shopping for a mortgage,


10 Ways to Build High-Functioning Virtual Teams

Insight on how to build an effective virtual team and set you—and your employees—up for success

How many of you want to work virtually, but don’t? How many of you are responsible for managing a virtual team? How many of you are happy with how your virtual team is run? How many of your aren’t sure if your virtual efforts are effective because you don’t know what a virtual-by-design company looks like?

We’re with you, we’ve been there, and we’re here to provide insight into what it takes to build an effective virtual team and set you—and your employees—up for success.


Women @ Work: Understanding and Overcoming Gender Biases

Quick show of hands: How many have been singled out to order catering or book a conference room—even though your peers were present too? How many are expected to take notes or track action items during a meeting—and it’s not part of your role and others are just as qualified? How many aren’t included in golf or other activities…even though your other peers are?

We don’t have to be face-to-face to know “who” is raising their hands.