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WinBiz Proposals’ Algorithm to take Compliant Content to Compelling [Infographic] 

We don’t need to be compelling, because it’s just about the scoring criteria…right? Wrong. Why? Because although the government is required to use the scoring criteria in their evaluation, ultimately there is a person at the end of that scoresheet. And at a very basic level, it’s human nature to want to be compelled during a sales process. The compliance trap While you have ...READ MORE »

Don’t Ditch Daily Huddles [infographic]

We have seen a trend recently to ditch daily huddles and we’ve literally heard every excuse in the book: “I’m too busy to add another meeting to my calendar,” “we already have milestone check-ins during the color reviews,” and “if someone needs something, they can just call,” and more. Sounds reasonable, right? We’re here to say, not so much. Our experience supporting thousands ...READ MORE »

Win and Fund Your New Contract [infographic]

It’s a classic scenario: as a small business, you are faced with the dilemma of pursuing and winning new business, but then scramble to produce the cash flow or access the capital necessary to kick-off that project. And you can’t do one without the other. So, WinBiz CEO and founder, Jennifer Adeli, joined Mobilization Capital to provide small ...READ MORE »