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The REAL Numbers (& Why the Burnt-Out, Sleep-Deprived #GovCon Proposal Manager Industry Norm Needs to Change)

Often, companies find that the hours needed to produce a compliant and compelling response exceed the number available in-house. But, they push forward anyway. Which is why burnout and turnover in GovCon proposal development are very real issues. WinBiz is passionate about helping our clients to grow and capture more revenue—and that requires knowing and being honest about the numbers. ...READ MORE »

What’s Really Driving Your Proposal Budget?

In general (and based on 20+ years in the industry as BD directors and consultants), the expected cost for any proposal development effort is between 1-3% of the contract value. The two biggest factors driving this cost—every single time—are the size of your proposal and how much relevant content you have available. These two variables form the foundation for determining cost and ...READ MORE »

3Ps to Position Your Proposal To Win: People, Past Performance, Preparedness

Is the RFP you’ve been waiting on dropping in two weeks? Two days? Two hours? Don’t scramble—it’s never too late to position yourself to win. We’re here to give you the skinny on the very specific, actionable tasks you can do immediately to get ready to win more. A Few Assumptions In order to position your response to win, you ...READ MORE »

Facing Our Fears

Glossophobia (fear of public speaking) is the most common of all phobias. It’s vital in business to gain a comfort level with speaking as it’s a great way to increase exposure and opportunities. Small business owners and business leaders often find themselves in front of an audience: orals presentations, off-sites to drive strategy, all-employee town halls, business development pitches, speaking ...READ MORE »

Win More With Better Win Themes: The What

  When we talk about win themes, we’re talking about the higher-level features and benefits of your solution. Win themes are not one-size fits all. They focus on individual customer pain points and speak to those points specifically—whether lower cost, lower risk, proven solutions, innovation, experienced talent, or performance-based accountability—by using proof statements to validate how those pain points will ...READ MORE »

Win More With Better Win Themes: The Why

All you have to do is say the words, “Win Themes,” and even businesses with the most robust proposal teams and processes might cringe. Why? Because the process of creating win themes can not only seem ambiguous, but also requires you to pause long enough to reflect and refine your messaging. In a perfect world, creating win themes would be a team-affair. Leadership, sales, proposal writers, ...READ MORE »

We’re Total Control Freaks and Think You Should Be One Too!

We love productivity hacks. And spending so much time using Office products has given us an efficiency edge we continually like to hone. Why? Because we’ve found shaving off milliseconds adds up fast. Think of how often you move off your keyboard to use your mouse. Those right-click, drag, and drop motions are on repeat all day every day. Cut ...READ MORE »