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Calendly: Save Time and End Scheduling Stress

Does this conversation sound familiar to anyone: Prospect: “Let’s meet next week.” You: “Great! Does Wednesday work?” Prospect: “I’m not sure—let me check my schedule and get back to you.” Five days, 27 emails, and 3 phone calls later; you get lunch on the calendar. Scheduling is the grown-up version of tag. And we don’t have time for games. It got to a point where the ...READ MORE »

Building A Proposal Schedule: Give Yourself Time to Succeed

A schedule is incredibly important when it comes to proposal management. Without a schedule, not only do you risk completely missing the deadline, but without consensus on milestones, it can be difficult to inspire teamwork and keep everyone focused. A schedule allows you to establish major milestones, key dates, and address any staffing contingencies and risks from the onset. And we’ve ...READ MORE »