We Specialize in Helping Government Contractors Win More

Our mission is deeply personal and manifests in our daily values and larger purpose. While these ideals may seem utopian sometimes, they are what drives us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses pursue their visions and create thriving enterprises by working on, not in, their businesses. We do this by bringing the resources they need to grow, with the flexibility needed to stay agile and productive.

Our Values

We value the simple things in life like health, kindness, and family. We believe that your health not only benefits you personally, it also increases productivity and that in order to be innovative and effective in business, we must be actively invested in our personal lives. We also believe we get more bees with honey and that being kind shouldn’t be exceptional—it should be expected. These values drive our business processes and how we engage with our clients.

Our Vision

Our hope is to help all like-minded small and mid-sized contractors improve how our government delivers taxpayer services and defends our country, while also fulfilling their own personal and corporate values. In a perfect world, our clients’ values and our values align and together we foster a healthier environment for our employees and customers alike.