We’re Total Control Freaks and Think You Should Be One Too!

We love productivity hacks. And spending so much time using Office products has given us an efficiency edge we continually like to hone. Why? Because we’ve found shaving off milliseconds adds up fast. Think of how often you move off your keyboard to use your mouse. Those right-click, drag, and drop motions are on repeat all day every day. Cut those out and use the saved time to polish win strategies (or make it to that soccer game, happy hour, or workout).

Winning RFP Response

Our Favorite Game Changers

Our fav time-saving shortcuts are control functions. Most know if you highlight text and Ctrl+C, you copy it. Then, Ctrl+V allows you to paste said copy. Most are probably pretty comfortable with using Ctrl+A to highlight a document instead of dragging and scrolling across pages. But, if you want to maximize fluency and increase delivery speed—check out the top game changing control functions that made believers (and Ctrl freaks!) out of us.


Channel your inner layout expert and simply highlight or place your cursor in text and use Ctrl+E to center, Ctrl+L to left-align, and Ctrl+R right-align.


Relentlessly working on several documents at the same time? Guilty as charged! Navigate quickly between Word’s open windows using Ctrl+F6. Know you wrote something, but don’t have time to scan the entire document? Ctrl+F opens search capabilities, allows you to search for a specific text string, and immediately highlights all instances throughout the document.

Document Management

Use Ctrl+N to open a new blank file and Ctrl+O to open the last folder you accessed. And remember to always Ctrl+S to save changes before Ctrl+W to close the file.


Make desktop publishing a little easier by highlighting your text and using Ctrl+I to italicize, Ctrl+U to underline, Ctrl+B to bolden, Ctrl+[ to decrease font size by 1 point, and Ctrl+] increase font size by 1 point.


Don’t wait until the document prints to see how everything pans out. Double check views using Alt+Ctrl+P to see your print layout, Alt+Ctrl+O for your outline, and Alt+Ctrl+N for your draft.


Got some text that shifted to a headline in your outline? Easy breezy—just use Ctrl+Shift+N to demote to body text, Ctrl+Shift+N to apply your normal heading style, Alt+Ctrl+1 to apply heading 1, Alt+Ctrl+2 to apply heading 2, and Alt+Ctrl+3 for heading 3.


Get control of your breaks by using Ctrl+Enter to insert a page break and Ctrl+Shift+Enter to insert a column break.

Accuracy and Precision       

At the risk of sounding like our favorite razor commercial…using control functions not only saves you time…it allows you to be more precise, which increases accuracy and in turn creates a better response.

Easier, stronger proposals. It’s what we do.

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