We Support the Entire Life-Cycle of Proposals

WinBiz Proposals brings “large company” proposal management resources to small and mid-sized organizations bidding on government RFP’s.

  • We have supported winning proposals across the entire spectrum of federal missions including defense, civilian, and intel agencies.
  • We provide the full range of proposal resources at the time, place, and budget that will fit your needs.

A-la-carte support

Pick and choose an expert in the specific areas you need help with.

  • Do you have a great proposal team but lack the in-house expertise to turn your content into winning graphics?
  • Need a tight copy edit and compliance check?
  • Would you value an independent evaluator to score your proposal in a color review?
  • WinBiz has proven experts to deliver a just-in-time solution.

Proposal team augmentation

You’ve worked hard to build your in-house proposal team but are not scaled to handle so many RFP’s at one time!

  • WinBiz provides proposal experts who can seamlessly integrate with your existing operations, processes, and tools to increase your pipeline capacity.
  • You will never have to turn down a viable win opportunity because your team is too busy to take on another proposal.

Full proposal department

We like to call this solution the “Prop Squad.”  Imagine a team of proposal experts (think Navy SEALS storming the beach!) standing by to provide your company with full proposal capabilities.

  • From a capture and price-to-win strategy, through final proposal production and delivery, and concluding with orals coaching and execution; WinBiz provides customers with all the capabilities of a full in-house proposal department without carrying the costly overhead expense.


Learn more about the roles and responsibilities in any of these proposal solutions below.

Proposal Management » Manages all phases of the proposal development process including: strategy, win themes/discriminators, outlines and compliance matrices, color reviews, writing and editing, graphic design, desktop publishing, document production, and packaging and delivering.

Technical Writing and Editing » Provides expert-level writing and editing skills for all types of government proposals to turn draft material into compliant, compelling and winning content.
Graphic Design » A skilled visual artist with a special expertise in designing graphics for government proposals.
Desktop Publishing » An expert in the use of the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Professional, and other desktop publishing tools to develop a professional and polished proposal package.
Capture Managers » Responsible for developing a win strategy; including doing stakeholder analysis, gathering competitive intelligence, and conducting a gap or SWOT analysis
Pricing Analysts » Analyzes and creates a winning price to increase win probability by reducing the bid’s total evaluated price, while maintaining healthy profit margins.

Orals Coaching » The Orals Coach is a critical component of winning during in-person presentations (commonly called “orals”).  She works with the team to bring targeted aspects of the proposal into the presentation.