Desktop Publishing Services

The Desktop Publisher is an expert in the use of the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Professional, and other desktop publishing tools to develop a professional and polished proposal package.  After reviewing the publication instructions of the RFP, he designs a compliant template that is easy to use for all writers, and is easy to update if there are changes to requirements.  The templates incorporate modern best practices for readability and presentation, taking into consideration the effective use of Serif vs. Sans Serif fonts, strategic placement of white space to break-up dense content, and the placement of tables, graphics, and highlight boxes to draw the evaluator’s attention to important data.

The Desktop Publisher works closely with the Proposal Manager to ensure that all file templates are consistent and make the most effective use of limited page allocations.  He is a vital member of the publication team to incorporate final edits, convert files to PDF, and ensure files are bug free and prepared for final packaging.