When It’s Critical to Win In-Person Presentations

The Orals Coach is a critical component of winning during in-person presentations (commonly called “orals”).  She works directly with the Proposal Manager, Capture Manager and customer to bring targeted aspects of the proposal into the presentation.  Together with the Graphic Artist, a presentation template (typically Power Point) is developed that reflects the brand and image of the main proposal. The Orals Coach defines the flow, structure, and timing of the orals presentation, ensuring compliance with RFP requirements at all times.

Beyond content, the Orals Coach trains the team on effective public presentation skills, including techniques to manage nerves, project confidence and improve the speaking voice.  She video records rehearsals and works with the team to address weaknesses, and will host and facilitate rehearsals as often as necessary to ensure the team is confident and presentation is  seamless.

The Orals presentation is the last step between submission and award; as such the Orals Coach is a vital resource to ensure that the last communication with the customer is the strongest.