Technical Writing and Editing Services

The Technical Writer/Editor provides expert-level writing and editing skills for all types of government proposals (RFPs, contract vehicles, task orders, etc.). She works closely with the Proposal Manager and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to turn draft material into compliant and compelling content, within page limits and with winning delivery. She interview SMEs to clarify draft content as necessary, enabling SMEs to focus on solutions and not writing skills.

The Technical Writer/Editor is particularly effective at eliminating superfluous content and clarifying jargon, as well as “fit editing” to stay within required page limits.  She corrects grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, inconsistencies, format, and ensures that content is in “active voice” as appropriate.  The Technical Writer/Editor works with the Proposal Manager to structure resume and past performance templates to RFP instructions (Section L), reflecting the Statement of Work (Section C) and evaluation criteria (Section M).

She also works with the Graphic Artist to proof graphics and collaborate on turning prose into concise and effective illustrations.  The Technical Writer/Editor confirms that the narrative ties in effectively to supporting graphics and tables, with appropriate references.

Above all, the Technical Writer/Editor is a skilled storyteller within complex requirements and limited space.  This role is essential to turn compliant content into a compelling and winning message.