BizLife Review: Mighty Little Web Shop

When we say that we’re passionate about small businesses and that we’re here for our community—we mean it. Regardless if you’re a prospect, client, subcontractor, or raving fan…our mission is to help small business owners pursue their mission and create prosperous enterprises by working on, not in, their business.

The work we do at WinBiz to help you win that specific government proposal is just one aspect of growing your business. You also need a strong infrastructure around project management, a robust DCAA-compliant financial system, and maybe most important of all…a strategic website designed to produce real results at a price that works for you as a small business.

So this week, we reached out to a company we love—the Mighty Little Web Shop—to get the scoop on how their team is making a difference in the lives of small business owners by helping them create websites and landing pages that are more than just eye candy.

“We’ve been designing websites for 18 years and in the last year we’ve been providing more targeted sales funnels, marketing email automations, SEO, and Facebook advertising strategies to increase traffic and conversions,” shared the Mighty Little Web Shop’s founder and CEO, Heather Cox. “We help small businesses by giving them a fresh set of eyes on their brand marketing, and then acting as their brand advocate. Because there’s no point in having a website these days if it doesn’t bring in new business.”

And let us tell you—we’ve heard way too many small business owners complain their website took too long to build, cost more than they expected, and in the end, wasn’t working to sell their services.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Mighty Little Web Shop several times to help our clients create modern, professional, and responsive sites. Here’s how our partnership works: WinBiz makes sure our clients’ content is compelling first. Then, Mighty Little Web Shop refreshes the visual branding and makes sure our clients are in the know about SEO, lead captures, and lead magnets. Together, we optimize navigation, develop the visual brand strategy, and then design and build the site.

Mighty Little Web Shop focuses squarely on web marketing—and delivering world-class well-branded websites to service-based businesses who are serious about business development. Heather starts every relationship by first understanding her clients’ marketing goals. Then, she crafts a strategy and architects a website designed to increase traffic and conversions, attract top talent, or nurture high-value strategic partnerships.

We love asking questions. So, we asked Heather a simple one—why this work and why this mission? We bet you’ll love her response as much as we did.

“Because results matter. We focus on results.”

We’re big fans of results and can vouch for the cost effective, quick-to-market, and business-focused strategy Heather and her team embrace. Check out Mighty Little Web Shop’s portfolio (you may recognize some of our clients!) or contact Heather to learn more about they can help you.

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