Win and Fund Your New Contract [infographic]

It’s a classic scenario: as a small business, you are faced with the dilemma of pursuing and winning new business, but then scramble to produce the cash flow or access the capital necessary to kick-off that project. And you can’t do one without the other. So, WinBiz CEO and founder, Jennifer Adeli, joined Mobilization Capital to provide small to mid-sized government contractors tips on how to prepare themselves to win more proposals, and then tap into funding from MobCap to finance their hiring and ramp-up frenzy!

Check out the Never Say “No” to a “Yes” Proposal Opportunity webinar where Jennifer digs into the following 5 tactics on how to win more business.


Solve your bidder’s dilemma.

Make sure you have a healthy pipeline (balancing contract vehicles vs. single awards, subcontractor vs. prime roles, and incumbency vs. new work) and are strategically going after the most valuable opportunities instead of the next new shiny object.

Prioritize your opportunities.

Focus on ranking what you will bid on by fit and win probability instead of when RFPs will drop.

Assign a B&P budget.

Determine the time it will take to produce a winning response (you can also use our quick and dirty B&P calculator to determine the hours based on industry-standard turnaround times).

Assign resources.

Maximize internal resources so that you’re making bid decisions on what opportunities are strategically aligned with your growth, not vacation schedules or capacity.

Fill the gaps.

Get insight on how to avoid turning down an opportunity just because you’re still coming up short on resources. Spoiler alert: call us!

We are really excited to partner with MobCap to connect our clients and network to their start-up capital. We’d hate to see you struggle to successfully kick-off that new project we worked so hard to win together, and we know how much of a strain rapid growth can put on a business.

Never turn a proposal down due to being unprepared. Get on our calendar to tell us about your current opportunities and learn how our tools and proposal management experience can make your process easier and set you up for success.