Easier. Stronger. Win More.

Do you have the time, staffing, and expertise to capture and win your next proposal?

Whether you need a fully outsourced team or a few selected resources to augment your in-house proposal department; WinBiz Proposals has solutions that will make your next bid easier and stronger, so you’ll win more!


Already working 60 hours a week running your company and delivering customer solutions?  Wondering where you will find the resources and time to respond to the next RFP? At WinBiz Proposals, we have the tools and the proposal management experience that will make the process easier and set you up for success.

  • The Right Team. At WinBiz, we hand-pick your team of proposal consultants based on your needs and to suit your corporate culture.  Whether you prefer to work face-to-face in a proposal war room, or you do all your meetings on Skype, we assemble a proposal development team with the skills and working style that assimilates with your atmosphere.
  • The Right Price. Have the services of an entire proposal department at your fingertips without the expensive overhead, taxes and costly downtime between proposals. We work closely with you to determine the level of effort, and monitor it weekly to ensure that we stay within your budget.


  • A winning bid is compliant, precise, persuasive and attractive.
  • A stronger bid is customized to the specific RFP and is customer focused
  • Whether your bid is for $5 million or $500 million, our process ensures 100% compliance with systemized protocols so nothing is missed, even with short deadlines.
  • We use professional graphic artists, editors, and production specialists to present a professional product.

Oh, and it goes without saying…. we’ve never missed a deadline.

Win More!

Over 70% of our clients have submitted two or more proposals with WinBiz.

Customers come to us when they are in a “must-win” situation.  We’ve won contracts in high-pressure situations, such as the EAGLE II IDIQ contract vehicle, and the competitive LPTA (Low Price Technically Acceptable) environment.

Contact us today at (571) 933-8200.

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